Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones – 1st year of life

For both parents and baby, the first year of life is bound to be an exciting time. Baby will learn new skills related to his/her body and surrounding environments nearly every day. As health care professionals, we tend to measure milestones on a month to month basis and compare these skills with all those other tiny humans out there. This helps to determine if the work of physical, occupational, or speech therapist is needed to facilitate development. Here you’ll find a brief rundown of what adventures to expect within the first year of life:

2 months: Baby will begin to gain head control, requiring less help from mom/dad to keep the head from dropping side to side or forward and back.

2-4 months: Baby will begin to push up on elbows while on his/her tummy and learn to roll, most likely from tummy to back first.

6 months: Baby will learn to roll in both directions, should be able to sit on his/her own, and may begin to rock while on hands and knees (getting ready to crawl!).

8 months: Baby will be able to get into and out of a sitting position without any help.

7-9 months: Baby will develop object permanence, or the ability to remember that something still exists even when mom or dad hide it from view.

9 months: Baby will be crawling across the room, pulling up to stand and will stay standing while holding onto a support surface.

12 months: Baby might stand without holding onto anything and walking alongside furniture. Before you know it, baby will be walking all over the place!

Remember to be patient as your baby grows and learns within this first year. Nothing is black and white here, which allows for a nice range of time while each new skill is developed.

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