Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial nerve palsy is a devastating condition that can affect ones physical, emotional and social health. It is characterized by an asymmetrically drooped face, visual changes, difficulty eating and drinking, among other things. The course of treatment is often one of “wait and see” with many patients being told, “there is nothing we can do.” Although most patients recover full without any intervention, many do not. With new advances in this area, patients can now participate in Facial Nerve Rehabilitation up to 2 years after the initial date of injury.

Treatment for facial nerve palsy includes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education to address asymmetry, pain and facial function. No two patients are the same and we take an individualized approach to treatment that depends on surgical procedures performed and severity of the condition. The amount of recovery seen depends on many factors including, extent of the injury, time since initial onset and amount of effort put into the home exercise program.
Whether your facial palsy is caused by a surgical procedure, Lyme Disease or came on suddenly without cause, facial nerve rehabilitation can help you return to a happy and healthy life.

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