Professional Therapies, Inc. Blacksburg Clinic

“I came in with very limited use of my left leg due to a back injury. After the first few weeks the remaining pain was gone and we began working on strength. Over time, my left leg became stronger and I was able to walk longer, climb stairs, and stand on my toes. After continuing, I was able to return to the gym, lift free weights, and was entirely pain free. After dealing with this pain for the better part of a year, it was a relief to have it gone and be able to go about my day to day routine again.” – Cody Hicks

“Professional Therapies of Roanoke, Blacksburg office rocks. I had a full spiral fracture of one of my metatarsal bones in my foot, and was booted for 8 months. I went to physical therapy lazy, tired, and concerned I would not gain full function or be pain free again. I am pleased to say full function has returned. I am painfree, able to wear my shoes with 2 inch heels, slide into my cowgirl boots, and play soccer again. Amazing work Vinny! It was actually fun doing therapy with you. The rest of the staff are great too. Thank you all!
-An Anonymous Older Adult

Professional Therapies, Inc. Daleville Clinic
Hannah L 1“I have torn my ACL and partially torn my meniscus in both my knees by playing soccer. Both times I came to Professional Therapies for rehabilitation. The therapists here pushed and encouraged me in the best way possible. After the first knee injury, I was fully released to play soccer again a month early due to the incredible work and time the staff put into me and my progress. So, after the second knee injury within almost a year of the other, I had no doubt about coming back to Professional Therapies for physical therapy again. I am now going to attend Montreat College in the fall to play Division II soccer for their women’s team.” – Hannah Leonard



Sandy Gates


“I had been told that PTOR was the best place to come in the area and was very happy that I chose them. Since I’ve completed PT, I have been able to travel to Germany and visit family and walk for any function I’ve wanted to. Prior to PT I was unable to walk at all and spent the majority of my time in a wheelchair. Today, I walk as long as I want to, wherever I want to, and without any problems. My favorite part of PTOR and the staff there, was the level of professionalism and pure interest in my overall well-being.” – Sandy Gates




Serenity 2“My name is Serenity and I am 12 years old. I broke multiple bones in my foot in January due to a sledding accident. When I started physical therapy in March, it had been 2 months since I could put pressure on my broken foot. I couldn’t walk without crutches. I was sad and hopeless because I was afraid I would not walk normal again. Amanda and Tyler at Professional Therapies made me excited and confident. Amanda gave me exercises to do at home. Physical Therapy was really fun and I looked forward to going. We played lots of fun games and did fun exercises. The best part is I can now run, play, and skip!”- Serenity Mullins




Gerry M 2“Several years ago, I had knee pain and was referred to Professional Therapies for treatment. That went well, but due to the deterioration of my knee joint I underwent a knee replacement. That was six years ago and just recently I had my second knee replacement. Both times I chose Professional Therapies for treatment. I have been happy with my progress. All of the Physical Therapists, and other staff there, have been great. I highly recommend their PT. They are a caring and very professional facility to work with.”  – Gerry Minter





Joe Mikalauskas“Before I attended Professional Therapies I consistently struggled with lower back pain in High School. It affected my basketball game dramatically, making me less mobile and not as quick as I needed to be. Professional Therapies took the time to personally work with me to fix my constant struggle with my lower back pain. Ever since my treatment at Professional Therapies I no longer have any pain in my back and I am able to play at my full potential. They have helped me reach my goal of playing college basketball, as I am currently playing at Roanoke College.” – Joseph Mikalauskas




Jordyn D 1Jordyn D 2

“I remember the day I hobbled into Professional Therapies. It was a few days after I was told I’d have to quit my favorite sport in the world, gymnastics. From my first PT session, to the last, Audrey Ward, and her team were nothing less than encouraging and uplifting. I could tell, and so could my knee, that they put in more work than I did, to get me back to my training. Together we worked on increasing my strength so that I could soon resume my everyday life. Simply things, that seemed to normal to me, such as walking to class, training on Prestige Gymnastics Academy’s competitive team, and coaching a small group of gymnasts myself. I am now pain free and currently studying to become a physical therapist. My goal is to help others and hopefully impact someone else’s life just as Audrey Ward so greatly impacted mine.” – Jordyn Duffy

“I came to Professional Therapies with mixed emotions. I had therapy in 2007 with a different company and had poor results. After having knee replacement surgery in June I had in home therapy with a former employee of Professional Therapies and she recommended your services. That said a lot to me so I called and made an appointment. This was one of the better decisions of my life. With all the damage that my knee had incurred I was not sure that “normal” would ever be possible. With your dedicated treatment and your tremendous knowledge of therapy techniques I can now say that I have a normal physical life! I am back at work walking 6 plus miles a day with no pain in my knee. My knee is now stronger than the rest of my body. I have recommended Professional Therapies to everyone I have talked to about my experience. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I enjoyed the process with all of your help to achieve my recovery goals. Thank you so much I could never have gotten the results without everyone there helping in such a wonderful way!” – Bobby Fagg

Professional Therapies, Inc. Vinton Clinic

When it comes to therapy. People sometimes think, uh oh, but when I had my first day of therapy, I knew I was in the right place. They encouraged me in every step I took. Thanks to the staff for keeping my spirits high and never giving up on me. I can walk and use my right had and that means the world to me. Whoever is in need of therapy, I recommend Professional Therapies. – Benjamin Deas