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Occupational TherapyOur state-licensed occupational therapists (OTR) and Certified OT Assistants (COTA) serve all of our patient age groups, from birth to senior citizens in settings including homes, schools, and businesses.

Our therapists are committed to assisting our clients in regaining their maximum level of independence.

Occupational treatment strategies may include:

  • upper extremity strengthening,
  • sensory integration,
  • fine motor skills necessary for home and work,
  • self care skills,
  • improving visual perceptual/motor skills,
  • behavioral techniques, and
  • pool therapy.

Common diagnoses encountered by our OT staff include:

  • neurological diseases (ALS, stroke, MS, cerebral palsy),
  • Down’s Syndrome,
  • Autism disorders,
  • hand and arm trauma,
  • sensory integration issues,
  • ADHD,
  • arthritis, and
  • carpal tunnel syndrome.

Brochures: How Occupational Therapy Can Help
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