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Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy (PT) is a healthcare speciality based on a thorough knowledge of functional human anatomy and how that function can be improved. A physical therapist uses physical agents (modalities) as well as the application of evidence-based manual and exercise techniques. The goal of most therapies is to restore an individual’s maximum level of independence and function.

All of our PTOR PT staff members are licensed Physical Therapists (PT) or licensed PT Assistants (PTA) who have successfully graduated from an accredited university and passed a state-administered examination licensing them to practice physical therapy in Virginia.

Our offices are well equipped to effectively treat the many conditions that we routinely encounter.

Common diagnoses we treat include:

  • orthopedic injuries or post-surgical cases from accidents, sports injuries or the “experiences of life” (shoulders, knees, spine , etc.),
  • neurological diseases or conditions,
  • pain,
  • weakness or unstable walking,
  • and the loss of independence.

Many of our therapists are Direct Access Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which means that a referral may not be needed in order for a client to receive physical therapy. After a thorough medical history review and diagnosis-based physical therapy evaluation, a treatment program is provided to include home exercises, activity modifications, and clinic treatments.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

PTOR has several physical therapists who have completed a rigorous training program and examination provided through Emory University for Vestibular Rehabilitation. We have infared technology at our Roanoke and Daleville offices that allows the therapist to see many of the very specific traits of the client’s unique vestibular conditions. Many of the more common vestibular conditions produce signs and symptoms including vertigo and balance problems.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a medically-based, exercise program aimed at reducing or eliminating the symptoms of positional vertigo and balance problems related to the vestibular system and correct the central nervous system compensations and changes that cause the client to perceive a faulty message. Vestibular therapy can improve the client’s ability to move around safely.

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