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Sports TherapyOur experienced therapists have a wealth of information and expertise in the latest evaluation and treatment of many common athletic injuries. Many times after a traumatic athletic injury, the post-surgery rehabilitation will determine the ultimate success of the athlete’s recovery. Sport-specific rehabilitation allows us to focus on strengthening skills specific to sport the athlete plays.

We have treated high school, college, and the occasional professional athletes, as well as “weekend athletes” injured in backyard games. Several of our staff members have worked as athletic trainers for local high school and college teams.

Specialty Golf Training

Professional Therapies has a physical therapist that has been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a Golf Fitness Instructor. The TPI has done a thorough analysis of the desirable traits to most effectively strike a golf ball. Our therapist has been trained in the evaluation of a golfer’s “golf fitness” (balance, flexibility, stability, and strength), as well as in the construction of a golf-specific exercise program to address the deficiencies found in the TPI assessment.

There ARE physical changes that the recreational golfer can make to improve his golf flexibility, fatigue after playing and the joint pain experienced by many golfers. We want to keep those golfers enjoying their game for as long as they want.

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